Scandinavian Language Associations’ Meeting – SLAM! 2016

Scandinavian Language Associations’ Meeting – SLAM! 2016

What a weekend! The Grand SLAM in Malmö was a success. It was the first time that all the major Scandinavian language associations came together for a whole weekend to exchange knowledge and experiences, network, promote ourselves and have a lot of fun.

What I personally appreciated the most was the very high level of the speakers, as well as getting to meet some my colleges from other Scandinavian countries.

The image shows David Jones and Shawn Thane during the Translation SLAM, with Ian Hinchliffe as referee, which was one of the high points of the conference.

What is Scandinavia, you ask? It is a geographic region centered on Skanderna, the Scandinavian mountains, with close historical, cultural and/or linguistic similarities. In this case, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland was represented.