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Att skriva för webben med Anna Sandahl från Ode Agency

Course: “Writing for the web” with Anna Sandahl from Ode Agency

Through SFÖ, I had the privilege last week to take the course “Writing for the web” with Anna Sandahl from Ode Agency.

She had a lot to say about how to express yourself in the most appropriate way on different digital platforms and channels, using headings, readability and text disposition, to take into account what effect digital algorithms have on how digital texts are displayed and received. Luckily, the linguistic quality is increasingly promoted by the search engines. It is hard enough for translators to choose whether to write for the paying customer or for the future reader; in addition, we also have to decide whether to adapt it to people or to computers.

Anna Sandahl used both skill and humour in her lecture, and the information was easy to get understand, but the exercises were all the more difficult.

In fact, we were four people from the Oktagon Translator Team who took the course, so we can discuss it further and practice together.

Conveniently for me, the course was held in a meeting room at my office space. It felt great to welcome so many nice colleagues to Uppsala and to my street, Salagatan. We had lunch at Uppsala Koncert och Kongress, and some of us grabbed a beer afterwards at the pub Katalin, so those who had come a long way got to see a couple of the landmarks of Uppsala. It was so fun that people came from as far as Kristianstad, Motala and Gothenburg.

I hope that everyone was happy and content. In conclusion, I would like to invite all who participated and might be reading this to hand in any tips and comments to our colleagues in SFÖ so that they know which parts were good and which were bad. Thank you to SFÖ, Fortbildningsgruppen, and to Anna Sandahl at Ode Agency!

The image depicts Anna Sandahl from Ode Agency.